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  • The YH-100 Yamamoto Drifter produces 20.6 kW of power while working at a frequency of

  • 2500 bpm (blows per minute). This drifter works best at 90 - 115 mm holes.

  • Drifter Hydraulic control by TANTO’s Yi-Kong system(Ecomony control), which balances

  • feed pressure and feed speed with drifter to rque and percussion pressure to eliminate

  • costly stuck pipe and thread wear.

  • Sullivan-Palatek compressor with 10.5 m³/min at 10.5 bar provides efficient cleaning from

  • 22m of 115mm hole, even in difficult conditions.

  • The TR45 rod changer uses a mechanical indexing system utilizing the hydraulic power of

  • the gripper arms to rotate the carousel. The system is therefore simpler and quicker to

  • adjust and maintain.

  • Dust collector with 12 filters for a total of 15m² of filtration.


  • Gull wing service doors on sides and rear provide easy maintenance access to the spacious machinery compartment.

  • Track width of 330 mm for better stability and traction.

  • The tramming motors can be disengaged so that the TR45 can be towed.

  • Conveniently grouped filters for ease of maintenance.

  • Two stage dust collector, with cyclone first stage and paper filter element as second stage,eliminates dust emissions for operator safety.

  • The Guide shell is at 30° angle for better operator visibility.

  • Spacious cabin with air-conditioning / heating at below 85db for operator comfort.


  • At YAMAMOTO, quality is the key to reliability and durability,so all the major components of the YH-100 drifter are made at their own factory in Japan. Founded in 1915, Yamamoto has been making hydraulic drifters for OEM’s since 1979.

  • Sullivan-Palatek is a US privately owned company that manufactures the most rugged and reliable rotary screw air compressors available in the market.

  • TANTO hydraulic components are all from famous brandsmanufactured in China.

  • There is a dual hydraulic oil filter system, one on the inlet to the pumps and the other on the return to the tank. Clean hydraulic oil prolongs ydraulic component life. LED external working lights, three forward one back, allow for 24 hour operation of the drill.

  • Drifter hoses are separated on a hose reel, hose lengths are minimized through the use of bulkheads to reduce the cost of replacement.